Frank Long interviewed on ‘This Is HCD’ podcast

Author: Aiden Kenny
Published: October 2018


Frank Long with logo of the 'This is HCD' podcast

Design can indeed change the world, but those kinds of design projects do not just walk in your door. Sometimes you need to go and grab them by the scruff of the neck.

—Frank Long, Director of

Frank Long is interviewed by Gerry Scullion in the latest episode of ‘This is HCD’ – the Human-Centred Design podcast.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Frank firstly discusses his career to date and our multi award-winning work on the platform. Then he and Gerry do a deep dive into how, emboldened by that project’s international recognition, we reached out to the UN in Geneva and worked with them on using our DesignFix programme to try to address issues of migration, particularly focussing on healthcare issues.

Then they have an in-depth discussion on how we built upon our experience with that UN Future Vision project to aim even higher and tackle rebooting democracy with our second DesignFix project. They discuss how those kinds of collaborative projects can give back to the UX community, particularly by engaging students and bringing them into our design processes within our studio environment.

Finally, Frank also explains why it is he wishes he could write code, how design is a leap of faith, and why you often need to step outside your process to achieve true breakthroughs.

About ‘This is HCD’

This podcast brings together thought-leaders from various disciplines such as service design, user experience, interaction design, and product management to discuss the craft, and to better understand what it means to work within a human-centric method.