Two surgeons reviewing a medical scan on a monitor.

Healthcare Services

Our user-centred approach puts patients and healthcare professionals at the heart of the design process, helping create effective digital health services and medical devices, and improving therapy delivery from point of care through to the patient’s home.

Connected Health Innovation

Understanding the right problem to solve is the biggest challenge in product innovation. The key is often to change perspective – viewing the problem from multiple sides. We conduct detailed innovation workshops with customers using our unique user centred approach. Over two decades we have helped clients in pharmaceutical, medical devices, and health service sectors to innovate more effectively, identifying the right problem to solve in the right way.

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Patient Journey Mapping

Understanding how patients experience the clinical pathway is a critical component to addressing unmet needs. We conduct research with patients and healthcare professionals to document their interactions and explore opportunities to improve the delivery of care – whether through better therapy, medical devices or service design. Patient journey maps are an essential tool in understanding the right problems to solve and how to solve them.

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Contextual Research

Understanding the user context, whether ‘in-clinic’ or ‘at-home’, is critical in defining successful healthcare solutions. We have delivered multi-national research programs, incorporating patients, carers and practitioners. Research conducted in the user context provides deeper insights and more accurate requirements to product teams.

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UX Design & Prototyping

Our team works closely with healthcare professionals to co-design solutions that are both effective and efficient to use. We work in iterative cycles of research, design, and rapid prototyping to create interactive mock-ups that can be tested with patients or healthcare professionals. Incorporating feedback throughout the development cycle improves the UX and reduces risk of redevelopment.

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Human Factors Formative Testing

During the design phase of the project, Frontend can provide formative research with end users. We have successfully conducted formative research in 20 countries around the world. Fronted provide a turnkey solution, including participant recruitment, facility hire, protocol design, moderation and analysis. All findings are documented and design recommendations are proposed based on user feedback.

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Human Factors Summative Testing

We provide summative testing services to our healthcare clients in line with ISO 13485 guidelines. We work with our clients to identify the critical task flows, conduct risk analysis and document the summative testing protocol. We provide recruitment services and test moderation and observation, followed by detailed analysis and documentation for the usability file submission.

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