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Our Services provide a complete range of user centred design services for websites, web applications, software, digital devices, mobile applications and print. From initial research to creative design and testing, ensures your product or services meet the needs of your target market.
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Innovation Workshop

New product development or existing product evolution – our Innovation Workshop will fast-track the process. Over the course of one week, you will work with our studio team to explore product strategy, customer experience, digital design ideation and rapid prototyping to generate tangible results and demonstrate pathways to new business value.

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Two team members collaborating at a computer monitor.

Customer Insights

How well do you know your customers? We provide a complete range of insight services from in-depth user interviews to strategic research on a global scale. We have conducted user research in over 20 countries, including contextual inquiry, user interviews, user testing and healthcare research, Our detailed analysis includes customer journey maps, user personas and UX design recommendations.

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Product Review

Planning a next-generation development cycle? Conducting a product review beforehand can really focus your design strategy. Our expert review will assess your product against business goals and customer experience. A heuristic analysis will identify any usability issues, while competitor analysis can provide useful development benchmarks. We address all stages of use from out of box experience and on-boarding to frequent tasks and expert usage.

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UX Design

User experience is fundamental to business success and customer loyalty. We provide an end-to-end UX design service which includes iterative cycles of user research, interaction design, user interface design, rapid prototyping and user testing. Our team collaborates closely with our clients and our approach reflects the overall project style whether its Lean UX, Agile UX or a waterfall approach.

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Two team members standing and discussing a design project.

Connected Health

We provide specialist services to the e-Health sector. We understand the needs of patients and professionals and have conducted healthcare research in North America, Europe and Asia. Our team have extensive medtech design expertise and our design and documentation process conforms to industry standards.

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Human Factors Testing

We provide medical human factors services to our healthcare clients in line with ISO 13485 guidelines. We have extensive formative research and testing experience with patients and healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics as well as conducting contextual interviews in home settings. We also conduct summative testing, preparing the protocol, documenting the findings and maintaining the usability file throughout the design process.

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Agile Product UX

The Agile product development process can be challenging. Our Agile UX approach supports the product management team, providing UX design services that meet the demands of Agile process. It provides accelerated deliverables, scalable resources and a collaborative process that maximises the efficiency of distributed development teams.

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Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not just about implementing digital technologies, it is embracing technology to create real business improvement. From back office processes and employee support to customer services and customer experience management; we work with our clients to provide joined up thinking to achieve digital maturity.

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