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Agile Product UX

Lean UX design approach accelerating user research, interaction design and digital user interface design solutions for software applications and products.

Delivering Agile UX within an Agile development process can be challenging. Our Agile Product UX approach is designed to augment the Agile process, delivering accelerated UI design, integrated research, scalable resources, and strong collaborative methods.

At Frontend.com we have a unique understanding of the needs of product managers. It seems that ever-shortening timelines and increased expectations have made the role more challenging. For that reason we have honed our design services to fit the particular needs of the product development lifecycle. Our user research and interface design teams work in parallel with each other, and in short agile cycles. Consequently we can deliver insight and UI features in the shortest possible timescale. This approach fits well with the cadence of Agile development teams and delivers tangible and testable design from the outset. Our design approach can scale with your project needs. This allows us to add team members (and make them productive) at short notice to cope with rapidly changing demand. Giving you the benefit of elastic teams.

At Frontend.com we know we are only one part of the development team. Our services are designed to augment your internal capability and ramp up for challenging or complex projects.  By working in close collaboration with in-house teams, we share the load while also bringing our unique expertise. We understand how to maximise the potential of distributed teams. The majority of the work completed in our Dublin studio is in collaboration with overseas clients. We have established simple tools and management methodologies to ensure that you get the right product no matter where your team is located.  

Do you have a project in mind?

Our Agile Product UX design team is based in our studio in Dublin, Ireland and work with clients all over the world. Our multi-disciplinary team includes business analysis, cognitive psychology, usability, human factors, interaction design and user interface design and development skills. We have two decades of experience in delivering e-commerce, enterprise software, healthcare, fintech, consumer apps, and business process improvement.

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