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Customer Insights

Global research services including contextual visits, customer interviews, user journey mapping, remote and facility-based user testing.

Customer insight is the cornerstone of your business strategy, yet so often it can be the weakest link. It is not only a matter of doing user research, but it is the type of user research that you do which is more important.

Traditional market research is inherently flawed when it comes to truly understanding your customer needs and tends to paint an overly positive picture. Our user research approach will not only find out what your customers think, but will also tell you why and how to improve.

We provide a complete range of insight services, from in-depth user interviews and contextual observation to strategic research projects on a global scale. Our team has conducted user research in over 20 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. Each user research project is unique and we treat them that way. We spend the time to understand requirements, to design the most appropriate research protocols, and we provide the most experienced user research team in Europe to conduct the study.

Our detailed analysis includes customer journey maps, user personas, detailed scenarios storyboards, and design recommendations in line with individual project goals.

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Our Customer Insights team is based in our studio in Dublin, Ireland and work with clients all over the world. Our studio team includes business analysis, cognitive psychology, usability, human factors, interaction design and user interface design and development skills. We have two decades of experience in delivering e-commerce, enterprise software, healthcare, fintech, consumer apps, and business process improvement. In addition, we have published several peer-reviewed research papers, including the broadly acclaimed Real or Imaginary – The Effectiveness of using Personas in Product Design.

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