A Frontend.com director reviewing packaging designs.

Product Review

Complete service including expert review, heuristic analysis, competitor analysis, product testing, eye-tracking, and out-of-box experience.

You may have an established product that is due for a major overhaul, or you might simply be getting prepared and organized for the next product release. Either way, an external product review can be a smart starting point.

We let your product team brief us on the business context, challenges, and strategy for your product. We will conduct an expert review, evaluating it against the goals and abilities of your customers. If desired, we can include a competitor analysis to benchmark it against one, or more, rival products in the field – highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

Our product review can incorporate user testing with actual users. Our review can span all interactions with the product, from out-of-box-experience through to onboarding and frequent use. All of this combines to provide a powerful overview of your product, on top of which we overlay our UX analysis and UX design experience to suggest ways to maximise your product’s potential.

A Frontend.com product reviewer examining a glucose monitoring device.

Researching medical device out-of-box materials with healthcare professionals in Japan.

Do you have a project in mind?

Our Product Review team is based in our studio in Dublin, Ireland and work with clients all over the world. Our studio team includes business analysis, cognitive psychology, usability, human factors, interaction design and user interface design and development skills. We have two decades of experience in delivering e-commerce, enterprise software, healthcare, fintech, consumer apps, and business process improvement.

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