Still Waiting on the Digital Healthcare Revolution

Author: Aiden Kenny
Published: June 2020


Frank Long and Henry Poskitt of speaking on Digital Healthcare Revolution at Dublin UX in December 2019.

Frank Long and Henry Poskitt, directors of, gave their prognosis on the Digital Healthcare Revolution to a packed audience of design and healthcare professionals at Dublin UX in December 2019 (back when large gatherings were still a thing).

In this video, you will learn some of the reasons why the much-predicted digital revolution in health has still not materialised.

Frank discusses serious problems arising from poor user experience within the healthcare sector. Why some innovations can make doctors push laptops off tables. The surprisingly persistent role of the fax machine, even in 2020. Why sometimes paper is better than pixels. And, why identifying UX problems in healthcare is like plucking low-hanging sausages (yes, sausages).

Henry explains how designing truly patient-centric healthcare solutions is difficult (and sometimes wrong). Why you should disrupt healthcare without ever using the word ‘disrupt’. Why targeted digital solutions have a better chance of success in healthcare contexts than systemic digital transformation. And why figuring out who pays can be the most difficult question to answer.

This talk also includes examples of’s work for Roche, Merck, and other healthcare clients.

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