Since 1998, have been thinking and writing about best practice in design for physical and digital products. Here is some of our most recent thinking.
Stylised illustration of elements from interface design for clinical devices.
Tangible steps to get your medical device interface past regulations.

Graphic illustration of a doctor, nurse, patient and call centre operator connected by human factors.
Leveraging user pain-points in medical products and services.

Graphic illustration of a human figure transmitting date from their wearable devices.
The value of Ripple XRP is surging, this sudden demand is driven by the user experience of one app.

Graphic illustration of a human figure transmitting date from their wearable devices.
Designing for wearable devices offers novel and exciting challenges.

Graphic illustration of a man wearing a Blood Glucose Monitor.
Personal user experience of wearing a continuous glucose monitor device.

Graphic illustration representing interconnected banking services.
Opportunities in customer-centric services for Ireland's banking sector.

Graphic illustration, in a Soviet Poster art style, showing revolutionary arms raised, all wearing fitness trackers.
Changes in healthcare make the patient’s experience the true priority.

Graphic illustration of a recursive project process methodology.
Novel ideas for aligning User-Centered Design and Agile mindsets.

Thinking | RESEARCH
Gather user requirements from focus groups early in your design process.

Graphic illustration of a user persona document.
The effectiveness of using personas in product design.

Graphic illustration of a questionnaire clipboard.
Considered form design ensures your users complete tasks successfully.

Graphic illustration of a smartphone with the share icon on-screen.
Blurring the boundaries between computing, audio-visual, and mobile.

Graphic illustration of wallet representing reduced costs.
Successful projects deliver cost-reductions and business efficiencies.

Graphic illustration visualising the out-of-box experience.
Your user’s first interaction with your product needs thoughtful design.

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