NuArca proxy voting application on a laptop screen

Using Blockchain to Deliver Secure Digital Voting

NuArca employs Blockchain technology to deliver high-trust, transparent solutions in an increasingly risky digital world.

Blockchain in itself is not a solution – it’s a technology upon which solutions can be built. NuArca is a leader in providing solutions built on Blockchain. Their Proxy Voting solution developed with AST is one of the first of its kind to enable accurate, trustworthy and scaleable proxy voting to a global user base.

Proving a nascent technology

Online proxy voting systems are increasingly replacing paper for private and institutional investors. The variability of the voting proposals, the volume of individual voters, and the additional complexity of institutional block votes result in a vast quantity of complex transactional data. This type of data is ideally suited for Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).

AST, a leading provider of proxy solicitation services, formed a strategic partnership with NuArca to prove that DLT can deliver secure and transparent voting systems at the global scale required for a real-world proxy voting application.

Sophisticated simplicity

Creating a user experience for this type of application requires a deep understanding of the constraints inherent in Blockchain technology, combined with a detailed understanding of the goals and behaviour of the intended end-users, both professionals and private citizens. designed a user interface that is both restrained and refreshingly simple. It hides much of the underlying complexity and makes the task of shareholder voting painless, intuitive, and error free.

Proxy Online UI Design Mobile

The look and feel is neutral and carefully balanced, providing the flexibility to work with any fund or stock brand. The key tenets of Blockchain are security and transparency and these are emphasised in the UI design. The use of colour is limited to functional elements to ensure that presentation of voting requirements and the positions are clear and unambiguous at a glance.


The first pilot of the application spanned more than 400 securities and eight million shareholders representing more than one trillion shares. During the pilot, the solution reached processing speeds of over 100 transactions per second. Launched in March 2018, it became one of the first solutions of this scale using DLT and marked the first step in transitioning all AST proxy voting and tabulation services to the system. quickly grasped what we were trying to achieve and turned around a UX that showcases the power and potential of our solution.

—Todd Cooper, CEO NuArca

NuArca’s proxy voting system is hosted as a cloud service, easily enabling extension to other proxy service providers. This new Blockchain-based proxy voting system is one of the very first production uses of Blockchain in the financial services industry.

Two team members standing and discussing a design project.A team member working in the Dublin studio.